Top 7 WordPress Plugins to Promote an E-Commerce Site

Top 7 WordPress Plugins to Promote an E-Commerce Site

If you are a WordPress blogger, then you must know the importance of having the right plugin for an ecommerce site.

Here is a choice of top WordPress plugins for your ecommerce sites:

1. MarketPress

The plugin is user friendly and offers all standard features of a decent e-commerce plugin. It is compatible with WordPress themes. With MarketPress, you can get various payment options including Checkouts, PayPal, Google, etc. Internationalization options are also available to help your store go global. MarketPress comes power packed with dynamic features and offers full compatibility with WordPress. It can take your business to a whole new level. It offers global shipping options.

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2. Ithemes Exchange

The app is engineered by iThemes. With an outstanding rating of 5/5, the iThemes plugin ensures 100% functionality. The simple user friendly interface makes it easier to use and understand. The plugin is customizable and compatible with WordPress. It also offers effective and smooth integration of PayPal and numerous other payment options. It works really well for store owners.

3. Easy Digital Downloads

It is made to cater to a specific marketplace. Users can benefit from easy digital downloads. Digital media sellers can benefit from this plugin. It comes loaded with several amazing features. Being character specific, the plugin effectively caters to a specific market. Users can expect standard features required for an online store. Payment gateway options are available with promotional code system, bulk purchases, and much more.

4. Jigoshop

Engineered by a group of highly experienced designers to serve big shots, Jigoshop promises brilliant functionality and customizability to users combined with a huge variety of features that works well with almost all platforms. With this plugin, you can get features of WooCommerce and Easy digital download. This means that apart from having a full-fledged store selling amazing products, you can offer your customers the option to download media files. The plugin also allows offering of a variety of products such as group products, affiliate products, and many others. For staying updated with the store performance, Jigoshop offers sales reports to help you to keep close track of all stocks available. The plugin allows you to ship internationally. It is fully extendable and ensures a dynamic support community.

5. Eshop

This is one of the best online e-commerce store plugins developed for WordPress. Apart from allowing you to sell your products, you can create them too. With this plugin, you can easily create customer sign ups. It is important to build customer relation and stay in touch with your customers regularly. Using Eshop, you can offer downloadable products. If you also have a physical shop, it offers numerous shipping methods as per your convenience. As far as the money part is concerned, the plugin promises numerous gateways for you to receive money. Users are also offered exciting options to calculate taxes. It is very helpful for running the business ethically. A user rating of decent 3.8/5 has given the plugin privilege of over 500,000 downloads. This definitely gives you reason enough to download it.

6. Shopp

The plugin is very professional. It offers a highly secure cart integrated within the plugin. Hence, you don’t need any security add-ons. Shopp also offers brilliant catalogue management and other features such as multiple image options. This plugin is SEO friendly too. The JavaScript enabled responsive design makes it easier for users to have a smoother experience. The plugin comes free offering an amazing package for starters.

7. Quick Shop

This plugin comes with bare basics. The function is very simple. Quick Shop is the best plugin for a beginner. It is available with all basic facilities such as emails and PayPal integration. This means you can start earning money instantly (almost within 10 minutes of download). The plugin can be customized as per your requirement. The plugin is highly compatible and very simple to use.

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