The Secret of Successful SEO Techniques

The Secret of Successful SEO Techniques

Do you want to know about the secret behind SEO success? Well, it isn’t easy to keep up with the thing as the technology doesn’t stop evolving and expectations of Google keep increasing.

So what can you actually do to make SEO to actually help your business?

Experts suggest striking a balance between seeking finding new ideas and implementing them in the long term. Consistent execution of SEO plan will produce excellent results.

Here are some of the SEO secrets to help you make your website SEO friendly:

1. Combine SEO Strategy with Marketing Strategy

This is how SEO will produce value. Practicing SEO on its own sans connection with the rest of the business may make you promote wrong pages. Hence, it is important to confirm alignment between SEO approach and marketing strategy of your business. This is possible if you prepare a list of profitable products and services. If you have large number of products, focus on one that contributes to the most profit for your business. If you have branded terms and trademarks to promote, it is better to focus on more time and energy to build a strategy.

2. Assess your Competitors for Ideas

If you are a business, then you must have competitors. Analyzing websites of competitors for inspiration have a look at three major areas:

– Backlinks
– On-page SEO
– Brand/messaging

3. Customers over Google

This is one of the most important SEO techniques. In case, you are facing a conflict between what Google search engine and website visitors, choose customers. Target your SEO efforts on customers. This means you should keep this in mind while creating URLs, content and managing your website. Start with light keyword usage (2-5 times) for 1000 words content. Do not use confusing language or repeat keywords. Also stay away from spam techniques. Go through Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

4. Develop Brands and Trademarks

It is helpful to compete for generic SEO keywords. Since you are in a crowded market, your customers are likely to compare you based on price. Hence, you can create distinctive brands and trademarks to help SEO as you will own those branded keywords.

Branding a product or service will require at least two elements:

– Unique offer
– Creating a distinct name for product

Start by creating a distinct offer (unique from others in the market) and then create a distinctive name for that offer. It definitely pays to stand out.

5. Rely on Longtail Keywords

Regardless of search volume for your website, pursue longtail keyword opportunities. This is one of the most ignored SEO secret and many reputed SEO services vouch for it. Most of the search traffic is longtail (around 70%). Ignoring longtail traffic will make you miss out on most of the traffic!

Longtail keywords can convert better. These generate around 2.5x higher conversions as compared to generic keyword traffic. They will increase your ability to convert voice searches.

6. Amazon Reviews

It is not possible to win over Amazon without reviews. You simply need to add “Write a Review” as a call to action on your site. This is an effective way. You should also make it easy for your customers to leave a review. Also thank your customers for reviewer.

7. Social Media Sharing Optimization

Optimizing for social media will help you to increase your social media traffic on popular platforms. This will also help you with SEO indirectly. So make sure you connect to your users on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. You can do this by creating short posts to promote your link.

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