SEO Activities for Your e-Commerce Website Marketing

SEO Activities for Your e-Commerce Website Marketing

Looking for the best SEO strategies for promoting your e-Commerce website online? Here are some professional tips:

1. Research Well

Prior to starting off with SEO work (on-site or off-site), you must get into proper research on keyword and competitor. This is crucial so that you don’t waste time on targeting wrong keywords. Such keywords are detrimental for your campaign. They attract only low quality traffic. While researching for keywords, you must focus on homepage content and product pages. Consider the following when optimizing pages of your site:

– Ranking difficulty
– Relevancy
– Search volume

It is advised to choose keywords of high relevance to your products/services or brand.

Avoid using very competitive or broad keywords. These have very high bounce rate and lowest rate of conversion. It is also suggested to avoid keyword cannibalization. This is a situation where several pages of a single website rank for the same keyword. This confuses search engines. In order to avoid this situation, you must list every page of website on a spreadsheet with keywords you want to rank for. Remove if you find doubling of precise keywords.

2. Research on Competitor

This is as important as keyword research. So start by knowing which keywords your major competitors are vying for. Prepare a list of keywords your competitors use as a part of SEO strategy. Also know if they have higher Domain Authority (DA) and web pages have higher PA (page authority) as compared to you. In case, they do, shift your focus on other keywords.

You should also know their source of link. It is advisable to get a list of the places your competitors getting inbound links from. The process is easier with Open Site Explorer.

Get to know the architecture of your competitor’s website. Know about the navigation, popular products in a specific category etc. Follow the path with little modifications here and there.

3. Speed of your e-Commerce Website

This is crucial for your online success. None of your visitors will hang around and wait for a slow sloppy website to load. They will move to your competitor! According to a research, it is revealed that around 40 per cent of people abandon a website that won’t load within 3 seconds! So make sure you use all strategies that will help your website load and run faster.

4. Use the Best SEO Tools

There many you can use. These are useful for optimizing your website rankings. Some of the most recommended tools by experienced SEO experts include the following listed below:

– SEOmoz Keyword Tool
– Screaming Frog
– Open Site Explorer
– Google AdWords Keyword Tool
– Ubersuggest Keyword Suggestion Tool
– Buzzstream
– Authority Labs for Monitoring
– Mergewords
– Citation Labs Broken Link Finder

5. Testimonials

An e-commerce website will definitely need approvals, appreciation and positive reviews. So make sure your website has customer reviews for each product displayed. This will increase your e-commerce conversion rate significantly. It is revealed by a research that displaying customer reviews on e-commerce sites can increase sales by around 13-77%. Studies have also revealed that around 77 per cent of consumers read reviews prior to buying online. Giving out discounts, prizes, and sending mails for product delivery asking if clients need any assistance will encourage them to drop reviews on your website.

Including the above listed activities in your SEO activities will help you with successful e-Commerce website marketing. These activities are time tested and proven techniques recommended by most professional SEOs. You can integrate these to ensure maximum benefits.

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