Importance of Guest Posting in SEO

Importance of Guest Posting in SEO

Guest blogging is one of the best online marketing strategies you can invest in for the present age online business. If you are serious about spreading message of your brand far and wide, this is the best way to do so. It helps winning the trust of target audience too. You should be contributing content to many other blogs related to your market or niche.

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Here are some of the best benefits of guest blogging:

Establishing Relationship

When you post blogs on an organization, you are actually creating an association between the two organizations. So you can add links and create more opportunity for potential traffic to your website. It will facilitate you to develop a website that people would like to visit even at leisure.

Top Blogs Lists

You can type a phrase such as “Top [your niche industry] Blogs List” into search box of Google. Now it is time to review the results. You should visit blogs listed on each page within search results. Although you can reach out to the best of blogs this way, only few of these people may be happy accepting guest articles from contributors.

Helps in Search Engines

Blogs with decent number of backlinks are always the best idea. This will help you to avoid being exposed to fake websites. It also helps in staying protected from spam content. Backlinks can add value to guest posts on blogs.

Motivate Social Media Shares

One of the most important things to do these days is to generate social media awareness about your business. Social media shares really help. It can extend your online reach to a significant amount. So make sure you share as far as possible. This will help your content reach to the right audience.

When you are submitting a guest post to a blog buzzing with social media activity, shares come naturally the moment your content gets published. Embedding shareable content into guest post will help a lot. For instance, infographics help in attracting 3 times more engagement in social media as compared to other content.

Brand awareness

With increase in the number of customers or viewers the brand or business will surely be well known in the market to old and new customers or viewers.

Website Traffic

A significant boost in traffic is the most crucial aspect of guest blogging. So whenever you create a guest post for blog, make sure you request for a link to your site. This is usually given in exchange for the post. This link will send quality traffic to your website after someone reads your blog post. Significant boost in website traffic means you will have more number of visitors pouring to your site. They will browse through and come to know about your services.

Instant Exposure to Targeted Traffic

Regardless of you whether you get a link to your site, contributing to other blogs should pique your audience’s interest. Once you start writing and posting high quality content, a significant amount of traffic will start flowing to your website.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business or blog. A guest post may seem to be a simple task. However, it holds immense potential to convert target audience into sales especially if you do it effectively.


Running a business is not easy. You are always on a tight budget. Guest blogging will help you saving your marketing budget. This is because you can use that resource in some other way to benefit your business.

Boosts Online Authority

Modern online marketing is all about authority. Converting audience is super difficult especially when your target is loyal subscribers. People should trust your brand to become paying customers.

When you contribute to other authoritative blogs, you are actually improving chance to prove your credibility through information. Your target audience will know that you’re recognized by reliable brands. This has a huge impact. They will be more receptive to your website and its contents.

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